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One of the exciting things happening in the Training for Health Renewal Mozambique Canada program is new community-based radio dedicated to building healthy community.

Through international and local support, a community radio station – Radio Kusinga – has been built and is on the air in Massinga and District.

Radio Kusinga programs speak to key community health issues such as HIV AIDS prevention, malaria and maternal child health care. The response of communities to these programs has been enthusiastic. People really appreciate the information being broadcast and see community radio as an important experience in being able to listen to and use the information they receive.

Community radio in Massinga is just starting. Work is underway to strengthen the infrastructure to record and edit programs and increase the audience area.  Local community members are developing a series of radio programs dealing with all aspects of health, including the social and economic determinants and building healthy communities. This series of radio programs is called Bem Vindo Boa Saude, which means Welcome to good health.


To support this initiative, please contact Training for Health Renewal Program


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A local group in Massinga recording a program on preventing HIV AIDS.
Radio programs will increase information for community health activists, such as this group meeting in Tevele.
The community radio station is in Massinga. The station structure was built with contributions of the Canadian Auto Workers.

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