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One of the exciting things happening in the Training for Health Renewal Mozambique Canada program is the community –to- community links that have been forged  to  build  the capacity of Mozambique to serve the needs of its people.

This is the current typical school house – no floor, open to the elements, no desks, no blackboard – but still always in use  with double classes per day

Through international and local support, an appropriate schools initiative is developing in the Massinga area of Mozambique. It will help communities build permanent schools to serve the needs of a growing student population.
These schools will be in rural areas that are underserviced in education and health.  Over 60% of the population of Mozambique is rural,  and 40% is under the age of 14 years.

Parents and children want education and want it in schools that are accessible to them,  and that  can serve their needs appropriately. 

Well-built schools with desks, floors, blackboards and alternative energy lighting will be able to function as community education centres – teaching children during the day, and offering adult education and skills training in the evening.

In Mozambique the children have a strong
thirst for  knowledge

Students from Pine House School and other Saskatoon schools have established relationships and given support for schools desks and infrastructure improvements.

We would like with the appropriate schools initiative to build one- to two-room schools that are permanent and that can serve the overall needs of the community.  The estimated cost for a one-room school is $10,000 with the community providing the labour to construct the schools.

Saskatchewan teachers know full well the value of the country school, and how it helped build our communities.   We can now work with the youth and adults of Mozambique in their desire to build a better world through accessible education.

To support this initiative, please contact Training for Health Renewal Program

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