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Two Days in Tevele - May 2011

This document follows the events of the partnership meeting in Tevele on October 26th and 27th, 2004. Using a typical two day encounter between the Centre and the Tevele working group, this description introduces the reader to the Centre’s community participation program. It outlines the six general steps of this approach while highlighting some of the major achievements of the partnership. View PDF >>

Mozambique 165 Economic News - August 2010

Mining expansion
India & China investment
Devaluation and inflation
Portuguese banks
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Mozambique: Poverty strategy impact evaluation (RAI)

Analysis by Joe Hanlon - March 2010

Mozambique’s government and donors are now evaluating the impact of the poverty reduction strategy of the past four years, PARPA II (Plano de Acção para a Redução da Pobreza Absoluta, 2006-2009). Summary and full details found here >>

Film/Video Resources:

Through THRP you can link to three major film/video resources on Mozambique.

The film Renewal directed by Steve Wolfson describes the work of the Training for Health Renewal Program in Massinga and area. It follows how health workers have become health trainers organizing communities to engage and participate in building healthier communities. The Renewal film highlights learning links built over the years between Mozambique and Canada.

Mozambique: A Land of Hope directed by Anthony Sherwood follows the stories of how individuals and communities are dealing with HIV/AIDS in Mozambique from urban Maputo to rural villages in the Massinga area of Mozambique.

Mozambique - Learning Moments produced by Steve Wolfson and Don Kossick is a series of vignettes explaining the methodology and practice of the THRP work and the Massinga Training Centre in community engagement, participation and transformation to build healthier communities.

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Volunteering: Beyond an Act of Charity. Professional Issues. Murray Dickson, DDS, DPed, MPH; Geraldine (Gerri) Dickson, RN, MPH, PhD. Read PDF version >>