Moz Clips - Videos

From time to time we will bring you short videos about THRP work in Mozambique.

Momentos de Aprendizagem Evolvimentos da Comunidade DVDs

Watch video clips from the DVDs.


Please view a special video about a long term relationship between Pine House Community School in Saskatchewan with a sister school in Mozambique facilitated through the Training for Health Renewal Program.

Please view a tribute video recognizing the long standing support that the CAW Social Justice Fund has given to the Massinga Training Center in Mozambique.

Check out a short video documentary on the 10 year history of the Training for Health Renewal Program connecting Canada and Mozambique.


Building Better Latrines for Better Community Health.

This a/v presentation shows the development of a Latinas Melhoradas - Better Latrines demonstration workshop in the village of Tevele in Mozambique.

(May 2011)

Music Video

Chico Sitoe in the village of Tevele singing about good health and development. Francisco "Chico" Sitoe works with the Training for Health Renewal Program. 

(May 2011)


This segment of Moz Clips show Dr. Antonio Tanda explaining the new model community health clinic that will be built, young community health workers singing a graduation song at the Massinga Health Training Center, and a closing dance of celebration.

(March 2011)