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UPDATE: The Basso Bridge Project is complete.

UPDATE: The Basso Bridge Project is nearing completion thanks to your donations. Read more >> - December 2009

Closing the Gap on the Basso Bridge

Basso Bridge

The Basso Bridge project is a critical community infrastructure project in Mozambique.

It is part of the partnership between the Basso community and the Training for Health Renewal Program, through the Massinga Training Centre in Inhambane Province, Mozambique.

In the community development planning discussions that took place several years ago, Basso residents identified their need for the bridge as the key priority. The bridge would help them connect a more isolated group of residents to the rest of the community. Separated by a river that floods in the spring, the isolated group is less able to access health and education services.  Building a strong bridge would also make it possible for vehicles to cross the river and open up opportunities for trade and development for the whole community.

Building the bridge has not been an easy task. Normal engineering and materials costs were beyond what the community could afford.  So the community, along with THRP, embarked on a Zambo ni Zambo (Step by Step) approach -- gathering the resources when possible and using the skills within the community. One of the community members – Chico – was trained in civil engineering work and has served as the bridge construction supervisor.

The Basso Bridge is now in its last phase of construction. The foundation and bridge supports are completed, and the bridge span will be put in shortly. Additional funds are now required to finish the construction and build up the access platforms and roads on both sides.

Support for the Basso Bridge has come from all over Canada and overseas.  Bethel United Church in Saskatoon, Canada was one of the first to make a major contribution.  Many individuals and organizations have given support. Most recently the Corbridge Anglican church community in England provided a significant donation.

Your support and contribution will allow us to finish this important community infrastructure.
Help close the gap by donating. A tax receipt can be provided. To donate, please contact us.

- September 2009

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