Message from Dean of Medicine - University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Bill Albritton.

I invite you to view the Making the Links video on YouTube  This two-part video is a preview of a full-length documentary currently in production. 

In this posting, you will see and hear from students involved in the Making the Links program at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan and meet a variety of people who play an important role in providing memorable experiences for students.  Since 2005 Making the Links has exposed students to the determinants of health and the importance of community in three unique locations:  Northern Saskatchewan, Massinga, Mozambique and the Saskatoon West Side Community Clinic - home of the SWITCH clinic (Student Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health). For details about this program, visit

The College of Medicine has adopted the concept of social accountability as envisioned by the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (2001) and is committed to directing its education, research and service initiatives towards addressing community health needs.  Making the Links is one such initiative that is having an impact on communities and students. 

Oriana Nahachewsky (2006-2008) sums up her Making the Links experience as follows:

"Making the Links is a great program that has really enriched my medical school and life experience…it has been by far my favorite part of my medical education."

We hope you can help us by giving feedback on the two-part video. Did we do a good job?  Either leave your comments on the YouTube site or send us an email at I encourage you to share the YouTube link with colleagues and friends.  We are very proud of the success of this program and want more people to be aware of it.

A number of Making the Links alumni have indicated their future plans include establishing a career in an underserved community. Imagine how the program can influence future participants to become socially accountable health care professionals. To keep and expand the program and to give more students an opportunity to participate, we need your help.  

If you would like to support social accountability initiatives at the College of Medicine like the Making the Links program, please contact the College of Medicine Development office at 306-966-1786 or

Your questions and comments are welcome and can be directed to


W. L. Albritton, MD; PhD

Dean, College of Medicine

University of Saskatchewan



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