THRP New Five Year Project

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and University of Saskatchewan (U of S) signed a new contract on January 16, 2009 that provides a further five years of support for strengthening health training in Mozambique. The new project, Community-Based Health Training and Practice Program in Mozambique, received $8 m from CIDA. As well, the U of S and the Mozambique Ministry of Health will make in-kind contributions towards the achievement of planned results.

THRP is now in the implementation stage of this exciting project.

Antonio Tanda, Mozambican Project Director, sends these sentiments: We are very proud that we’re part of the overall development of my country. Increasing human resources in health is essential. We’re very pleased that Canada is a strong partner in these continuing efforts to train health workers.

Gerri Dickson, Canadian Project Director, writes: We’re jubilant! All our work over the last ten years has built the base for us to expand and extend and make a greater impact on health training. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, we’re going to train more teachers; build new classrooms, dormitories, and teacher houses; increase our work with communities; test and improve our training materials; scale up the number of young students in training; and carry out small scale studies on work force issues and the uptake of our approaches by others in the country. Our little training centre in Massinga will grow and grow and grow! Our whole team is thrilled!  



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