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Warm Seasons Greetings!
A Big, Big Thank You – Kanimumbo – Obrigado!!

We  want to let you know that your donation  to the Mozambique Building Fund has allowed us to work on some very major projects for the well being of communities in Mozambique.

As you see in the photo we are getting to the finish stage on the Basso Bridge project that will give a critically needed infra structure to communities whose health and welfare are endangered by frequent flooding. In the final push to get the funding together we have been helped by the energy and passion of Deanna Siemens and Irene Fraser who are working steadfastly to make sure that we complete Basso Bridge within the next short while.  And, we thank so much you, churches and organizations who have given over the last four years to make sure that Basso Bridge is built.

Basso Bridge Project

Other priority Mozambique Building Fund projects are the nutritious food program co-ordinated by Sister Irma in Massinga and the Casa de Espera. The program of Sister Irma ensures that young children receive a nutritious and accessible diet. The Casa de Espera is the creation of a waiting room for expectant mothers at the Massinga Hospital that is safe and secure. The Casa de Espera is a new project initiated by young Canadian medical students who saw the need to cut infant and maternal mortality by constructing a supportive environment for mothers  prior to giving birth.

You can continue to support our community building projects  through:

Mozambique Building Fund, Training for Health Renewal Program (THRP),  Dept. Community Health and Epidemiology, University of Saskatchewan, 501 – 121 Research Drive, Saskatoon, Sk.  S7N 1K2 Telephone 306 966 7933, email thrp.program@usask.ca

All the best in 2010 from the THRP Team.

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